Jewels 32 is not just a shop. It's a culture.

We are a piercing shop located in the heart of East Village. Who are we? First and foremost, artists. We strive for perfection in all our work, as well as push ourselves out of our comfort zones to get the job done. Customer service is key, something we all are skilled in. We understand how terrifying or nerve wracking it can be getting your first piercing or switching to a new shop and strive for a friendly atmosphere.

We have several artists, hailing from different backgrounds each with their own niches.

Our body piercers are licensed professionals and well versed in the art of piercing and trained in aftercare procedures.  They are seasoned in all forms of body piercing up to the most extreme surface.

We also provide  vegan-friendly aftercare,

We invite your visitation and inquiry with open arms and receptive ears, and look forward to serving your artistic needs.