Wash your hands with liquid antibacterial soap before cleaning your piercing.  Flush your piercing with sea-salt water or Wound Wash spray to promote faster healing (2-3 times daily).

DO NOT use alcohol, peroxide, bactine, iodine, ointments or creams of any kind. These products can cause hypertrophic scarring, keloids, boils, and/or delay proper healing.

DO NOT touch, rotate or remove jewelry to clean.


Use ice/ice water to help reduce any swelling during the first week of healing. Use antiseptic/alcohol free mouth wash or a sea-salt rinse after eating, drinking or smoking to decrease any irritation. Allow piercings to fully heal before changing jewelry.

DO NOT open/tongue kiss; perform oral sex; eat spicy, crunchy or acidic foods; or play with your new piercing during the first week of healing.

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